Ver 7 compile time


On Mac.

when I try to run in browser it is taking a few minutes before the safari page opens even with a simple hello world.

How big is your project? What is the timing if you do it two times in a row?

New project. Add one bootstrap button.

First compile 1:42
Second compile 1:28

That’s minutes, not seconds?

It should be almost immediate. We all use Macs here, so it’s not a general Mac problem.

What message shows up in the status bar at the bottom of the AppStudio window?

Can’t see it.

As soon as I press run in browser I can’t open app studio till the browser shows.

Isn’t AppStudio already open? The status bar is the very bottom of the AppStudio window.

I have the same issue on my home Mac ( same specs ).

The second run takes just as long.

Status bars from 2 machines.

Do you have Chrome installed on your Mac? I wonder if that will make a difference.

I deleted the app and files then re-installed it is working okay now.

Back in work today and the compile times are back to over a minute again.

Same if I set the default browser to chrome.

It’s something on your Mac - this isn’t caused by AppStudio.

I use another ride ( Hype ) and that has no issues.
I didn’t have any issues with ver 6.

This what I am getting in the Activity Window when I run in browser.

The only other think I can think of is to delete the registry entry:

On a Mac, you need to delete

~/Library/Preferences/App Studio Preferences

You’re not crazy - I’m seeing this here all of sudden too. We’re looking into it further…

We’ve tracked the problem down a bit more. It seems to happen on Mac OS Mojave (10.14.2), but not on older versions of the OS. If you have the problem, let us know what version of MacOS you’re using.

The specific command which causes the problem is, which means anything that opens a web page from AppStudio (like Start in Desktop Browser and the Help features). This suggests workarounds: If you deploy to Volt, then paste the link into a browser, you won’t get the delay. You can also use Deploy to Local Server, so long as you open the app from your browser and not through AppStudio.

We will continue to work on this.

Work Mac ver 10.14.1 (18B75)
Home Mac ver 10.14 (18A391)

Same problem on both machines.

We have reports that it’s OK on High Sierra (10.13).

The problem also happens with AppStudio 6 on Mojave (10.14).


both machines upgrade to 10.14.2 with the same issue.


Steve Warby

Some progress - here’s a workaround which works on the systems here:

Start Terminal and enter this:

open /Applications/

This will start AppStudio directly.

A new build of AppStudio for MacOS was just uploaded. It should solve the problem.

The cause was new security in MacOS Mojave. To fix it, we implemented proper app signing.

You can download the new build here:
Dropbox - AppStudio7.dmg - Simplify your life
(no update needed for Windows)