Ver 7 crashing on opening

Mac Catalina.

I am trying to open an old project. I haven’t used NS for a while and the app crashes on opening with no messages.

What do I need to do please.

Was the project created in Version 7?

Are there any error messages? How about in About screen, under View Log?

Sorry the actual app crashes with no apple popup about the error.

OK, so it’s the app which crashes, not AppStudio.

How are you running it? Desktop browser, on a device, as a native app? Any error messages?

Sorry been a long day. App studio is crashing.

I’m confused. Can you tell me, step by step, what you do to make it “crash”? What happens exactly?

When I open app studio it crashes.

I don’t get the Apple crash report screen.

How do you know it crashes?

You might need to do a clean install:

The app studio logo appears in the task bar then disappears.

Where do I download v7.

I’ll try a reinstall

Version 7 is here:


I have deleted appStudio from the Mac and installed the version above.
I get the same issue.
I see the appStudio icon in the dock then it disappears. No apple crash report.
Are there any prefs I need to delete in Catalina ?

Yes, MacOS also has prefs to delete.

  1. Delete ~/Library/Preferences/App Studio Preferences

That did the trick thanks.