Version 7 project with PWA disabled has issue in Version 8

You probably wont see this. Prior to V8, one of my projects had PWA disabled. Which is a blank response in the property. When opening this project in V8, the property showed PWA true. But in reality it was still blank. Running the app at this point would not create a PWA program.

Changing the PWA in V8 to false, worked, and set the property to false. Running the app doesn’t create a PWA.

Changing the PWA in V8 from false to true does in fact set the property correctly. A PWA is now created.

You’re right. There was some ‘evolution’ of this feature between builds. The name of the property also changed, from disablePWA to the more clear Make PWA?

If you’re having difficulties with this, setting and unsetting the value in AppStudio will clear it up.

Fixed in 8.0.4.