Version 7 Upgrades

Free Upgrades

Everyone with a current AppStudio Subscription or having purchased after May 1, 2018 is entitled to AppStudio 7 for no charge. We’ve sent emails to everyone. You have been updated in our database, so you should be ready to go.

Discounted Upgrades

If you’re not on the list for a free upgrade, you can still get a discount. From the About screen in AppStudio, click on the upgrade button. You’ll be taken to the order form, where you can order the upgrade for $49.95 (a new copy is $199.95). It includes 4 months of AppStudio subscription: after that, you’ll have a discounted subscription of $9.95 per month. (regularly $15.00).

You can also order it here:

Questions? Let us know:

After the 4 months are up, do we have to subscribe?
Or can we simply upgrade for $49.95 with no monthly subscription?

You can cancel the subscription. AppStudio will still work fine. Volt will work for testing, but not for hosting your app.

We’re looking at raising the $49.95 amount sometime in the future.

I would rather not have the monthly subscription as I use my own servers but I fully understand the financial model.
I don’t mind paying a little more up front instead of for a monthly subscription. It is certainly worth it and, I think, your $49.95 is a bit too low. Mind you, it is US$, not CDN$, correct? But even still.

Anyway, my thoughts.

Yes, all amounts are in USD.

Where do I find my serial number. I have forgotten.
In the About box there is a “Renewal” 0000-00-00 00:00:00

If there’s an Upgrade button on the About form, it passes the serial number to order form automatically.

Otherwise, we can email it to you.

Got it, thanks.
Renewal sent