Version Windows 64 bit updating in Program Files (x86) folder

I know why it’s there. I upgraded from version which was 32 bit. The update is installed over the old installation.

I have no idea if this has any unknown effects - like a WOW64 issue - but it definitely will be a confusing situation after a few months when we all forget why a 64 bit program is stored in the 32 bit programs folder.

It’s best to do a complete uninstall of AppStudio 7 before installing Version 8.

AppStudio 8 should install to Program Files. There shouldn’t be anything in Program Files (x86), but Windows is known to sometimes mess this up on installation.

I don’t believe I saw that in any of the V8 documents. :wink:

Here is how to do a complete uninstall:

Prior to AppStudio 8, the installation was done to c:\Windows (x86). Now that AppStudio is a 64 bit app, it installed to c:\Windows. The problem is in the Windows uninstaller - sometimes it is unable to work properly due to old files, links, etc.

I waited till I saw solved most installation issues for everyone. I then totally uninstalled as per instructions. Installed and entered serial number. Everything was fine.