Version 8.1.0 no more PGB

I just upgraded from 8.0.6 to 8.1.0 and found out that the “Make Native App with PhoneGap” is replaced by “Make Native App with VoltBuilder”. My developer subscription is just expired last month, that mean I cannot build by cloud service? Is there any way I can upload the project onto PhoneGap Build manually?

Besides, I found the “Make Native App with PhoneGap CLI” is replaced by “Make Native App with Cordova” too. Is there a tutorial for setting up the environment for Cordova?

I just have a small modification on the previous app and need to build the apk. Please suggest the easy way for what I can do.

Make Native App with PhoneGap Build is still on the run menu - it moved down a few positions. However, since they have not been updating it, PhoneGap no longer makes apps which meet Apple’s requirements.

The good news is that we have created a replacement for PhoneGap Build. It’s called Make Native App with VoltBuilder. You can read more about it here:

It’s faster, makes a smaller executables in most cases, and most importantly, makes up to date executables which Apple will approve.

Thanks. I found it under the RUN menu. What is the cost of annual subscription?

It’s included with AppStudio paid plans: