Very crazy whats happenig

mysteries, mysterious, I was working on the latest version on mac, and suddenly the appstudio didn’t work on it anymore, I noticed that it enters the system, and then 1 2 seconds later, it exits, it doesn’t even open, but I saw it through the manager tasks he appears and leaves

so not to stand still I went to windows, this was yesterday, and it was going ok, then this morning, the same thing on windows and it doesn’t work anymore, I uninstalled, closed antivirus, firewall and nothing, trying from here and there, I entered with the Windows admin user and opened appstudio

everything indicates that soon he will also let me down

what could this be can someone shed some light on me


You could try doing a complete uninstall and reinstall:

Solutions to Common Problems - NSB App Studio?

I already did it ,

In the About screen, there is an option to look at the Log. Is there anything there?

it’s very strange on windows there hasn’t been time to track it yet, and I’m afraid to mess with it and until the administrator stops, but on mac I think that’s it

SymptomsMgrDNSFailureSymptomsCallback called at 689129680.334165

Wed Nov 2 21:54:40.336 <airport[207]> Could not set property APPLE80211_REGKEY_DPS_SYMPTOMS_INPUT_PARAMS

Wed Nov 2 21:54:43.457 <airport[207]> __SymptomsMgrDNSFailureSymptomsCallback: __SymptomsMgrDNSFailureSymptomsCallback called at 689129683.457316

Wed Nov 2 21:54:43.460 <airport[207]> Could not set property APPLE80211_REGKEY_DPS_SYMPTOMS_INPU

I think that is something about permissiosn

i started use xampp on both of them may be??

and on the same pc an user run other user no

You can also see the log without starting AppStudio: