Video problems with large files


Hi Guys,

I have a project using BS controls.

I have now added a video page and have a few videos ( 50 meg + each)

A couple of problems.

  1. Each time I deploy to the server the files are copied each time ( slows the process )
  2. When I load the web page I can see that the Video files are downloaded and slow the load process and I also get :slight_smile:
    Application Cache update failed, because could not be fetched.

On safari mobile I got a message pops asking to allow over 50 meg in my storage.

  1. I change the video source directly to the web page and the deploy problem has gone away.
  2. The video files are MP4’s created on a PC. I would expect the files to stream once the play button is pressed or maybe a setting ’ auto load ’ o or off or maybe load in background ???.
    If I use a small video file ( 2 meg ) I don’t get the problem.

Any pointers appreciated


Steve Warby


It seems if I use as the source it adds another β€˜/’ to the path.

If I change the source to videos/test2.mp4 it works ( apart from the loading issue)


I had a look at the jPlayer example and this solves all the issues ( so far ).

To get an MP4 video up and running.
Modify the code:

 jPlayerContainer = $("#jPlayerContainer").jPlayer({
     ready: function(event) {
         $(this).jPlayer("setMedia", {
             title: "Test123",
             m4v: "",
             poster: ""
     swfPath: "",
     supplied: "m4v",
     solution: "html,flash",
     preload: "auto",
     nativeVideoControls: {
         apple: /(ipad|iphone|ipod)/
     wmode: "window",
     size: {
         width: "600px",
         height: "440px"


Steve Warby.