Virus Threat when Appstudio

I was installing the latest update Appstudio, and at the end of the installation, Norton Antivirus detected that there is a virus threat Heur.AdvML.B. Norton has removed the appstudio.exe from my Windows PC System. Please check and advice.

I had it with several updates and reported this too. Seems to be a false positive with antivirus software, Kaspersky in my case. Somehow I or Kaspersky got it, that at least the current update was accepted without any warning message. I could install the sooner updates always after quite a lot of fiddling with the av software.

It’s an ongoing problem. We do everything we can: the app is fully signed with update to date certificates.

One of Norton’s tests is whether a lot of people are using the version of the software. That’s a problem for something like AppStudio, which gets frequent updates. We’re not about to stop updating our product to make Norton happy.

Here’s more from Symantic on how to respond:

I agree. I have since whitelisted nsbasic for avast due to the same false positive.