Volt - Appstorage only available to app owner

When I use the app owner, you can both set and return data (Per documentation) but when I log in as a user and go to getallitems (this is using the Volt Storage sample app) it says App not found.

Have you tried setting “Dashboad Access” in Project Properties to true? (It’s in the Volt section)

Allow the app access to user data on Volt, much like the Dashboard has.

Yes. Dashboard access is set to true. Still doesn’t work.
This is using the sample app Volt Storage.

Dashboard access should be set to false.
Also, the first time you deploy, set the Volt AppId to blank so it creates a new AppId for your app.

You might want to make sure any old versions of the Storage app are removed from the dashboard.

Here’s a step by step for running the Storage sample: