Volt Builder Native App certificate error after upgrading to

Just upgraded to today…first attempt at building a native app I got the following error:

UserError: error: No certificate for team ‘W3HDB2A8JS’ …etc

My certificate has not expired.

Can I get the link to go back to 8.4.2 (I need it to buy some time to fix some sqlite issues as well).



Update: curiously, I don’t get the error when I do a release build (cordova command: run ios --release) but I still get it when doing a debug build (cordova command: run ios --debug).

Still pretty urgently need that downgrade to 8.4.2.


You’ll have the same problem with 8.4.2. Your certificate for debug builds in invalid. This is flagged by XCode, which VoltBuilder uses for iOS builds.

You will need to create a new certificate and mobileprovision file.

You were correct. I went ahead and created a new development certificate and that solved the problem. Thanks!