Volt builder, no release apk

I am using appstudio to create forms and text, using volt builder in the appstudio to try download release apk.

I set the password etc for voltbuilder parameter, put the key store at appstudio/voltbuilder/certificate.I try all password but it still says release apk not found. I can’t create anymore keystore as it hang citing null pointer using cmd ,;set it to android release mode. I have many forms, all text. I don’t have css, icon or other setting.

Hi, i already purchase app studio without subscription plan(one time). I can get android. debug apk. But when I set to release, it could not find the release apk. Do I really need a subscription to have release apk. What should I do now, or pay how much for it to work my way? Rdgs TSTAN

Oh, sorry, should be volt builder category…

I cleaned up your post a bit and put it in the correct category.

Do you have a certificates folder in your project? What is in it?

Do you have a keystore file?

I put my only keystore in appstudio/voltbuilder/certificate. I have only a keystore file. Appear all of sudden. Can’t recall what password. Can’t create a 2nd keystore file no matter how

Oh, I use NSA in key tool command

After I tried built release apk, it says err, can’t find, then, the keystore in android/voltbuilder/certificate disappear. Then it says voltbuilder folder couldnt be find. Hackers job?

In the beginning I created appstudio prj at d:/nsb 8 file then I save as a file at thumb drive. when I reopen the project without inserting thumb drive, the D:/nsb8 get corrupted.
then I saved as d:/mH. When I run start in desktop browser. It says uncaught syntaxerror:unexpected identifier line 219 column 5.when make native app with voltbuilder, it says build failed! Keystore file does not exist:/users/voltBuilder/code/voltbuilder/upload/2c… /certificates./mH. keystore
build id:2c512325-17a0-43c8/88f2-94f89099b395

<a class=`btn btn-primary’…

You may have more than one problem here. Let’s go back to my earlier questions:

Do you have a certificates folder in your project? What is in it?

Do you have a keystore file?

Also, what is your project called?

1.yes I have 2 certificates folder, d:\mH\mH. appstudio\certificates and d:\mH\mH. appstudio\voltbuilder\certificates. I have to place the mH. keystore file in these 2 folder which will disappeared after running 'make native app with voltbuilder
2.yes,i have a keystore file called mH. keystore
3.my project is called mH. project

When I access online, it says java jdk now needs subscription. So I download open java at bottom of page. MH. keystore is created using open java

Is your project really called “mH. appstudio” (with a space in it?)

The keystore file only needs to be in the certificates folder at the top level.

Can you enclose a screenshot of your “VoltBuilder, Cordova and PhoneGap” properties?

Sorry, typo err, no spaces

I try both folder without keystore. Files attached.

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  1. Windows has a built in function called Snipping Tool to do screen shots. Much better than taking pictures of the screen!

  2. In the Project Properties, Android Keystore is blank. Unless you tell AppStudio where to find it, it cannot load it.

I don’t really understand. How would it be if I would like appstudio to create keystore for me, and compiled android release apk. Can you screenshot the relevant properties and needed file. I think everyone else here will appreciate that…

You need to create keystore yourself. It’s relatively straightforward, instructions are well laid out here: https://wiki.appstudio.dev/Submitting_to_the_Google_Play_and_Amazon_Stores