Volt deployed apps when subscription is discontinued

What happens to existing apps deployed with Volt if the subscription is discontinued? Are they still accessible on my device(s) when the URL is entered?

You’ll need to maintain your subscription to keep the apps accessible on Volt.

Well, then I will cancel next week before the due date and go back to the free plan. Probably a few disappointed users but I can’t afford to continue when I no longer sell the app. It is now just for my own use. How often may the “hour long” access be used?

As many times as you like!

Someone has offered to take over for me but before he does and purchases appstudio he wants to clarify your reply about what happens when a subscription is canceled. He said surely it is not meant to nullify the app for those who previously purchased it but only for the one who had the subscription. He said it would be unreasonable and unfair to penalize a buyer for something he couldn’t control. Please clarify one more time. Thank you.

That’s great!

Yes, we look after users when there are changes to the subscription. Feel free to contact me directly to make sure the transition goes smoothly.

That really doesn’t answer my question about what happens to apps buyers purchased prior to the subscriber’s cancellation.

The question was a bit vague, which is it is best to contact us directly with the details.

Ok, here is an example. While having a valid subscription and paying 9.95 per month, I sell my app to a number of buyers. Later I discontinue my business and cancel my subscription. Do the buyers who previously purchased still have access to it? In other words, must my subscription be in force in order for the buyers to use the app?

Now I understand!

The subscription is what pays for the service of hosting your app on our Volt server. If you no longer want to pay for the service, the app will no longer be accessible.

If someone else wants to take over the subscription, we can help you do that.