Volt problem: Multiple apps have the SAME Volt name

I’m working concurrently on 5 apps… each has a different name when I
SAVE it, as well as a different name in the app Project Properties and
Global Code.

However, recently I’ve found that when I “Run >> Deploy”, they ALL get
saved under the same Volt name, in my case,

When I load them onto, for example, an iPad and ‘save them to the home
screen’, the name of the app that Appears under the NSB logo reflects
the app I deployed, but the actual app is NOT the one that I deployed…

Note that all the app names start with the same 8 characters…

I don’t understand what is happening nor how to ‘fix’ it…


In Project Properties, check VoltID. Is it the same for all your projects?

Try blanking one out and redeploying.

Yes, they are the same.

Volt is generating this “Volt >> Appid”. Since I am using a ‘prototype’ app that was deployed and therefore has a Volt Appid, the same ID is being propagated to each copy of the prototype app… And Volt is using that ID to find the source on it’s server.