Volt Server Storage and PhoneGap app

I would like to periodically update reference data in my PhoneGap app.

Can Volt Server Storage be used as the source for the file?

If so, are there Javascript examples?

What security is in place relating to the information on Server Storage and are there any security implications relating to my app in this scenario; my app is standalone with NO internet access?

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If you haven’t seen them already, the docs for Server Storage are here:

How much information do you need to store?

The information can only be read by your app - not by third parties. If your device is offline when you request data from Server Storage, the request will simply time out.

The Array (or String) is about 75,000 characters…

As I look at the Volt Dashboard it appears that the file needs to be entered manually?

Can you please clarify how a file is placed on the Server so it can be accessed by an app?

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In order to use Server Storage from a PhoneGap app do I need to create a “user” in volt and login before I can retrieve the file. If so, does that mean the username/password will be hard-coded in the app and passed to the server in clear text?

I’m getting an “unauthorized” error message…

Have you looked at the ServerStorage sample?

You’ll need to have a signon. Having a hard coded signon is not recommended for the obvious reasons. It’s the only way to have practical security.

A 75K entry in ServerStorage is no problem.

To save the data on the server, add a save data feature to the same app. When sign in as the admin user, enable the code to do the save. One of the fields returned on signon is admin, so you can do this:

If user.admin then…