Volt - User Storage not available in dashboard

When I log into the Volt dashboard, and click on a users storage, it doesn’t return anything (no key value pairs) but when I log into my app, I have data available that I can manipulate.

Dashboard access should be set to false.
Also, the first time you deploy, set the Volt AppId to blank so it creates a new AppId for your app.

You might want to make sure any old versions of the Storage app are removed from the dashboard.

Here’s a step by step for running the Storage sample:

I’ve followed your instructions for accessing data and here’s what I’ve observed:
Step #4 - You can’t log in with your Volt account. -This seems to be due to dashboard access being turned off and no users yet assigned.
Steps #9-13 Work fine and you can create a user.
You can then access the app using this user and set / get data. This data IS available in the Volt Dashboard. There is no appstorage yet because the “admin” user has not created any.

I then refreshed the deploy with dashboard access. I could then login to the app with my Volt account. This allowed me to set appStorage data.

I then refreshed the deploy with dashboard access off. I no longer can access the app with my Volt login but can use the User I created in the earlier steps. Both serverstorage and appstorage are available to the user.

This seems to make sense and allows for an admin user.

Is this the behavior I should be seeing?

Yes, it is.

The Volt Storage Sample entry in the Wiki has been updated to make it more clear. Thank you!

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