VoltBuilder Access Origin Android not working

I am updating an old project to compile in version 8.0 using voltbuilder
using in config.xml but in ios devices works, android no:

  <allow-navigation href="*" />
  <access origin="*" />
  <allow-intent href="*" />
  <allow-intent href="tel:*" />

The url trying access is an IP number like this:

but returns fail to load JUST IN ANDROID, ios and Browser works fine…

browser returns:

I belive i need to change something in contentSecurityPolicy, but i have no idea what…

Are there messages in the Console using the Android Remote Debugger? These message are usually specific enough so you can fix the problem.

You’ll need to set contentSecurityPolicy in Project Properties.


The same call works in other android apps but using domain name in url, but not with IP number… We use IP to user setup in your own network… Any tip with all this android docs? in phonegap the
cordova-plugin-whitelist solved the problem

Please refer to my previous reply.

I’m really trying, I made several changes to the content security police to allow running a script on an internal IP on the network.
But this service was very much done by the whitelist plugin. It continues to work compiling through Phonegap, so I suspect that the plugin is not overlapping the codes imposed by the contentesecuritypolice property.
Could you test it out there George? I’ve spent 4 days on it and it doesn’t move. OK browser, iOS OK, only on Android does the version compiled by Voltbuilder not work, on Phonegap it works.

Are there messages in the Console using the Android Remote Debugger?

If so, post them here.

Good one!!!
in Console i found the error, and add the plugin
solved problem…

@VagnerBertoni, would you mind posting the error here so others can recognize if they have the same problem?