VoltBuilder and Volt Users

I thought it would be good to try out using Volt user management with an app - based on this article: https://blog.appstudio.dev/2017/08/accessing-volt-from-a-phonegap-app/

However, whenever I add

<script src='https://[my-app-name].volt.live/api/client/volt.js'>

to extra headers, it knocks out all of my JS libraries I have also used in the project (such as offline.js and locaforage.js)

Has anyone successfully used VoltBuilder and Volt Users in a project?

Volt Users should work - but your reference to VoltBuilder has me a bit confused. How does that enter into this?

Hi. It was in reference to building an app using VoltBuilder (ie apk) - but using Volt users - as mentioned in this topic

So as in the blog I referenced, using Volt users but using Volt Builder rather than PhoneGap

It should work the same way, whether it’s VoltBuilder, PhoneGap or a web app.

Are there any messages in the Chrome console?

Yep - here’s an example:

Error encountered:
  Uncaught ReferenceError: Offline is not defined 
  Line: 1084 
  Column: 5
code.js:1084 Uncaught ReferenceError: Offline is not defined
    at init_offline (code.js:1084)
    at checkConnection (code.js:1121)
    at Main (code.js:2633)
    at (index):3199

I’ve got it working now. I had to ensure that extra files had:
<script src="https://[app-name].volt.live/api/client/volt.js">
as the first script in the list. If not, it then results in Uncaught Reference Errors for other js libraries