Voltbuilder apk cannot upgrade app

Did the free plan of Voltbuilder cannot build the apk with upgrade (without uninstall the previous version)? It had been working in few months back, but it is not now.

If it is working, is it only for the version number is bigger than the previous version? If install the version with lower version number, will it be work?

Yes, the free version can build apps which do not require an uninstall.

The important thing is that the certificate stays the same. If you do not supply a certificate, it will generate a new one.

Where to check the certificate? Is it new to version 8.4.2?

The VoltBuilder settings are in Project Properties, in the VoltBuilder and Cordova group.

More here:

I created the certificates file from the VoltBuilder Certificate Wizard and put this “android.p12” file into \certificates under the project directory.
In the Project Properties -> VoltBuilder and Cordova, I select this file within the “Android keystore” and input the password under the “Android keystore password”.
I build with voltbuilder first and then changed the version number and build again. I successfully install the first apk file, but when I try to install with the second apk file, it fail and prompt the signature is different.
Is there any steps I missed?

  1. Are the two apk files for the same app, or two different apps?

  2. Do you have anything in Android Dname in Project Properties?

Both apk file are exactly the same app, but the version number is different.

In the Project Properties -> Android Dname, I am using the default value"cn=myname, ou=mygroup, o=mycompany, c=mycountry"

Try leaving that field blank.

I leave it blank and try again using ADB to install the updated APK, it show “Failure [INSTALL_FAILED_UPDATE_INCOMPATIBLE: Package com.nsbasic.test signatures do not match the previously installed version; ignoring!]” on screen

That makes sense. When an app gets installed, its signature is based on the certificate it has at the time. If you update the certificate, you’ll get a message like you have. It’s important to keep on using the same certificate once you create it.

I am not changing the certificate in the project, only change the version number. It cannot upgrade with the new version.

The message indicates that you are using a different certificate.

I think I know the reason. I am using “run android–debug” in Cordova command. I changed to “run android–release” and build again, “UserError: Incorrect androidAlias or androidAliasPassword in…” come out. Please suggest where to find the Alias and Password.

Finally make it work. Just leave AndroidAlias as default and AndroidAliasPassword same as keystore password and then build the “release” apk.

This makes sense - glad you have it working correctly.