Voltbuilder Apple Store Upload Invalid Pre Release error

Hi guys,

After uploaded my .aab file shows 2 errors:
You need to upload an APK or Android App Bundle for this app
Unable to remove all APKs and Android App Bundles in production

I have no idea what to do to put app in production… with 2 errors is unavaiable to move to test

Any tips?

It looks like the build by VoltBuilder is successful.

You’re having problems with the Google Play Store. You’ll need to look at their docs and help for answers to issues there.

If it turns out to be something in our stuff, we’ll be happy to help.

I never needed anything other than the app generated by volbuilder, apk or .aab
Something seems to be missing from the app generated by voltbuilder.

By accident, someone on the team activated Play App Signing and this is irreversible, how do I configure appstudio and voltbuilder for this type of signature? Do you have any nsbasic documentation? I’m desperate

We have some notes on Google Play here.

You can input the needed information in AppStudio’s project settings in the VoltBuilder section.

Finally I managed to add permissions for Voltbuilder to upload signed, now they are demanding android version 31… what do I do because voltbuilder is not ready for 31 yet?

VoltBuilder has been ready for Version 31 for quite a while.

Check this out.

Using APi Level 31, and following the config option explain in Building for Android 12 | VoltBuilder
still showing erro message missing android:export…

Do you have this line in your config.xml?

<engine name="android" spec="11.0.0" />

See Building for Android 12.

after included this line, new erros

Have you updated your plugins? This is from the log:

Package                      Current  Wanted  Latest  Location                                  Depended by
cordova-plugin-camera          2.4.1   2.4.1   6.0.0  node_modules/cordova-plugin-camera        b3077854-75aa-482e-9381-64cfcfc572a5
cordova-plugin-dialogs         1.3.4   1.3.4   2.0.2  node_modules/cordova-plugin-dialogs       b3077854-75aa-482e-9381-64cfcfc572a5
cordova-plugin-splashscreen    6.0.1   6.0.2   6.0.2  node_modules/cordova-plugin-splashscreen  b3077854-75aa-482e-9381-64cfcfc572a5
cordova-plugin-whitelist       1.3.4   1.3.5   1.3.5  node_modules/cordova-plugin-whitelist     b3077854-75aa-482e-9381-64cfcfc572a5
onesignal-cordova-plugin      2.10.1  2.10.1   3.3.0  node_modules/onesignal-cordova-plugin     b3077854-75aa-482e-9381-64cfcfc572a5

Do i need to force the last version? I did not specify the version

Forcing to latest version compiles well in this project

In other project, 2 erros, follow:

It looks like you solved this one. Closing for now.