Voltbuilder Build Error - could not authenticate

I am using AppStudio (since it can voltbuilder build with jQuery Mobile). My last successfully build (run android – release) is at 26/8/2021. I have a little modification on the app and try to build today and got the following errors.

I have the “Indy plan” on voltbuilder and I also updated the “API Credentials” in the AppStudio Preferences. It still got the same error messages.

Should I updated the AppStudio to latest version (Give up voltbuilder build with jQuery Mobile) ? or I should update the certificates within the Android keystore?

If I updated to the latest version of AppStudio, how can I voltbuilder build my previous project with jQuery Mobile without changing it to BS4?

Yes, you’ll need to use - it has the updated certificates. If you’re project is working in 8.4.2, it will continue to work just fine.

When you’re ready to convert away from jQuery Mobile (highly recommended!), use the Framework Converter tool.

I have the same issue with my older projects. Various JQuery controls in my projects (including Select e.g.) mean that the forms in which they reside are shown as blank in the 8.5.x versions of the NSB GUI.
I am slowly migrating my projects from JQM to BS4, but there’s a lot of code to change due to the way Select(BS4) is handled versus Select(JQM). It means I have to have on my laptop and 8.5.x on my desktop so I can continue the updates. I’m looking at many hundreds (if not thousands) of controls to fix.

Are you saying your project, which loads on 8.4.2, does not work on 8.5.x?

Now the version is working fine, but it cannot view the jQuery Mobile controls. I try to convert using Framework Converter tool, but some of the controls are fail. In 8.4.2, I can view the jQuery Mobile controls, but cannot build with Voltbuilder. Can I using Cordova to build the APK, since I just have a minor changes on the old project with all the controls are in jQuery Mobile.

On the project loads , but any forms with specific JQM controls show as blank.
As a matter of interest, it is possible to build a native app on or run it on Desktop even if it was developed on 8.4.2, but it’s pretty tedious having to develop on 8.4.2 then save , move across to the environment and Build native app.

For ref, Select , HeaderBar, FooterBar, Checkbox controls (JQM) all cause the Form GUI to show as blank…

Could either (preferably both!) of you zip your project folders and send them directly to me? I’d like to try this here.

I’ll send one in the next couple of hours. A basic form with a variety of JQM controls will demonstrate the issue.

Sorry - I had to travel urgently so didn’t get around to this.
The simplest way to demonstrate this is if you go create a new project in version
Then add a JQM button (works fine)
Then drag across a Select control - the form goes blank.
Go across to the Project explorer and delete the ‘Select1’ control you just created.
The button now reappears.
By going through the JQM controls you can see which ones ‘don’t work’
I realize that JQM is being phased out, but its a bit of a cliff edge at the moment for dozens of my existing apps.
If you can take a look at the above it would be greatly appreciated.
Select is not the only control that has this issue. You can detect which ones using that test app form.

Thank you. I’m able to reproduce this.

The problem only happens on Windows. Mac OS is fine.

Is it the JQM controls like “list” and “select” make the screen blank and all the other controls in cannot be seen?

If I take out those “list” and “select” controls, can I build with Voltbuilder and see all the controls in the APK?

Did the MAC version can view and build all JQM controls in the project?

The problem is only with the Design Screen not displaying the screen simulation. There’s no problem at run time - if you run the app in the browser, it will render properly.

It’s a Windows only issue - the MacOS version works fine, as will an app compiled to an APK.

That is correct. The app runs on Desktop fine and builds to apks fine. It’s entirely a GUI ( on Windows) issue.
Is this something you can rectify?

I just sent you a build to try. Let me know if it works!

The build which was sent (8.4.3), is the same as 8.4.2, but with an updated certificate. It does not have the problem where multiple jQuery Mobile controls on a form cause the Design Screen to blank out.

The purpose of this build is to help people who still have not moved away from jQuery Mobile. We’ve been warning for years that this library is no longer supported and should be replaced. You should update your projects to use something like Bootstrap 4.

Please note that 8.4.3 does not support VoltBuilder. Some of the underlying libraries for that feature are not longer supported. You can submit projects created with 8.4.3 to VoltBuilder using the current version of AppStudio ( as of today).

If you need 8.4.3 for your project, contact support@appstudio.dev and we will send you the download link.