Voltbuilder external images not working

Hi guys

Today compiling android and apple, external imagens is not loading…Is it a new plugin necessary to show it? in browser works ok…
Another question, the window view width it seems wrong too, see it in image

It was ok in last friday…

The images url : https://adm.netcontroll.com.br/images/produtos_XMU/P17742C1.GIF?27921341

Can you give the exact error message, and when you get it?

thats no error msg… ju

st not load the imagem… i forgot the attach…

It was working fine until Friday.
I ran in debbug mode and it’s giving a policy error… I didn’t have this before…
Now I can’t find field in appstudio to fix this

This is caused by changes to the underlying browser, not VoltBuilder or AppStudio.

You need to specify a contentSecurityPolicy (CSP) in Project Properties. You may also need a whitelist in config.xml.

The question has come up here before.

Solved with