Voltbuilder icon OneSignal Android Push Message

Hi there

i am using icon in appstudio property and woks well in all devices to show inicial icon, but sendind push using onesignal, all my notifications its showing a onesingal bell icon. Reading onsignal docs they says that is not all icons sizes generated in some folders, i unzip my apk and really not exists when voltbuilder compiles…
Can you guys can see this doc and review this in Voltbuilder?

“Troubleshooting Icons Not Showing”

Can you include a couple of screenshots which show what you mean?

Also, are you letting VoltBuilder generate the icons?

Yes VoltBuilder generate the icons using icon (1024) property.

Follow imagens:

that’s enough?

We have no knowledge of how OneSignal works - you’ll have to ask their support.

VoltBuilder can generate your icons automatically - that way all the sizes are generated. To do so, set the icon and splash properties in Project Properties/VoltBuilder.

You no longer have to include the folder with the actual files or references to them in config.xml.