Voltbuilder issue?

[1] I can download release apk file if I omit google play key.

[2]I stored both key at certificates folder.

[3]I have just reseted google mail password.

[4] I have the api Credentials at the preferences page.

[5]if I login using google mail (...@gmail.com),I am greeted with ’get started with voltbuilder free plan. If already log in , and go to preference ,the ‘copy api credentials to clipboard ‘ blinks and gone. Then choose your plan page appears.

[6] I get “UserError: Error requesting access to upload a new release t o the Google Play Store:” after I click ‘ make native app with voltbuilder.

[6]can you tell me when will my voltbuilder plan expires?

[*]my problem is [6],I still couldn’t upload my app to play console.could it be any reason of above…

Best rdgs,tst

If you provide a Google Play key, it assumes you want to upload your app to the Play Store.

“Error requesting access to upload a new release t o the Google Play Store” is a message from the Google Play store. You’ll need to look there for an answer.

You can see the expiry date of the your plan by going to the VoltBuilder Pricing page.

I get “choose your plan,you are in the free plan” when i log in and choose pricing.

Have you signed up for a VoltBuilder plan?

Here’s how: