Voltbuilder issues

Cannot update to 8.2.1 on my computers. About 4/5 through the process it stops with a warning about certain files shouldn’t be copied. My choices are to cancel the operation or ignore the warning. Ignoring will allow the update to continue and finish after many stops with the same message. However, when I check, it is still 8.2.0 so probably didn’t go through.

I finally got VB to create a qr code and an installable link for one of my projects but of my 3 computers with vs 8.2. only 1 (PC with win 7) does so in a reasonable time? (about 5 minutes). A laptop took over an hour to get results. While I write this, I have another laptop in the process of downloading a link with the spinner going in the download link column of the VB build status screen. It began more than 30 minutes ago. Obviously this is not what is supposed to happen so maybe I should have done something other than press the “make native app with voltbuilder” selection. I have read other users’ problems so maybe all the wrinkles haven’t been ironed out yet. Perhaps 8,2,1 does that?

You’ll want to get onto 8.2.1. Without knowing the precise messages, it’s tough to tell what is going on.

If your installation is borked, a complete uninstall can help:

The spinning wheel should rarely last more than a few seconds.

The message is "An error occurred while trying to replace the existing file: deletefile failed code 5; access is denied.

Seems weird that 3 computers would have the same issue. The only common denominator is that vs 8 was installed from the demo.

Are they all on Windows 10?

I did as George suggested and completely uninstalled the program, then reinstalled and now have 8.2.1 on my laptops.
I will do the same with my PC after I put Windows 10 on it. “Make native app with voltbuilder” also works as it should.