VoltBuilder Migration

Thank you for having VoltBuilder fill in the gap for the loss of Phonegap. We are doing some initial testing and so far we have found 3 plug ins that we use pretty heavily and was wondering if these could be added.

plugin name=“cordova-plugin-powermanagement” source=“npm” /

plugin spec=“https://github.com/Steffaan/cordova-plugin-local-notifications” source=“git” /

plugin spec=“https://github.com/thomas550i/cordova-plugin-doze-Optimize” source=“git” /

Thanks for any assistance you can offer

Thank you - we’ll start the approval process for them.

cordova-plugin-powermanagement - rarely used, but seems OK.

Steffaan/cordova-plugin-local-notifications: Have you looked at cordova-plugin-local-notification instead? It’s pretty popular, on our list, and is listed in npm:

https://github.com/thomas550i/cordova-plugin-doze-Optimize: This one is listed in npm as cordova-plugin-doze-Optimize. It’s not on our list, but we’ll have a look at it:

cordova-plugin-powermanagement and cordova-plugin-doze-optimize have been added and are now available.

To add to Craig’s request can you look into:
plugin name=“cordova-plugin-wifi” source=“npm” />
plugin name=“cordova-plugin-wifiwizard2” source=“npm” />

Both those plugins have already been added.

When I try to build with cordova-plugin-doze-optimize (or https://github.com/thomas550i/cordova-plugin-doze-Optimize) it tells me they aren’t supported.

Case is important in plugin names. You used cordova-plugin-doze-Optimize. (See the capital O?)

cordova-plugin-local-notification should work fine. What message are you getting?

Craig and I have been doing some testing and the cordova-plugin-local-notification that you suggested doesn’t have the same functionality as the ‘Steffaan’ version that we were using with PhoneGap. Additionally, the suggested version hasn’t been updated in over 4 years and has a bunch of outstanding issues. Would it be possible to have the Steffaan version that Craig first asked about added to the voltbuilder whitelist?


Plugins have to be listed in npmjs.com. If you find a plugin with works and is listed there, it should be easy to add to the list.

cordova-plugin-local-notification is heavily used, even it was updated 3 years ago.

there are issues with Notification channels with this version that do not work past android 8. This is the only version we have been able to find that works. Is it possible to add this one ?

<plugin spec="https://github.com/Steffaan/cordova-plugin-local-notifications" >source="git"

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Could you ask the author to create an entry in npmjs for this plugin?

I’m using cordova.plugin.local-notification.high-priority-notifications (https://www.npmjs.com/package/cordova.plugin.local-notification.high-priority-notifications) which seems to work well so far