Voltbuilder no longer bulding my App

I am using AppStudio version I just tried to build an app that I previously build on Sept 6, 2022 without any issues. I did not change anything in the app nor the Config.XML file. The Voltbuilder Log File shows the following error near the end of the file:

2022-09-14 22:13:21,230 - Error: engine has invalid spec: ‘.1.0’.
2022-09-14 22:13:21,230 - Build failed 9ae97664-d15d-4682-bb09-0b5c4d6b9a72

Something must have changed in Voltbuilder which now causes this error. Any Idea how I might resolve this issue?

Much Appreciated,

Please give it another try - this should be fixed.

Thanks James. I am able to build my Apps once again.