Voltbuilder not working as 8255

Hi,i reinstall win10 appstudio v8255 and disable antivirus.voltbuilder still not working… best rdgs,tst

I have had the same problem yesterday. It looked just like your screenshot.

Fixed it this morning after setting up a new Windows user and running NSB in demo mode to build an Android version of “hello world” sample to prove it wasn’t the underlying virus or startup programs.

Ended up going back to my user account and uninstalling (tried this twice yesterday) and then deleting all NSBasic registry keys and starting as a new install - including re-entering serial number and VoltBuilder API key.

Now works for my IOS builds again :wink:

I just received my monthly appstudio receipt.thinking it might be the reason,maybe resetting the license(i brought it last month).

@tst - we’ve been through this before. When you say something “isn’t working”, you need to give more details about what you are doing and what the specific problem is.

Hi tst.
Your screenshot does not indicate a problem, except VoltBuilder showed “Processing” and the magenta symbol for hours. I always get this display until processing is finished and the QR code and download link appear.

Sorry for not being specific,i was trying to downloading shoot.aab to the pc , Voltbuilder runs at first,that ‘hang’ at the ‘doesn’t look like qr code’ picture.as it doesn’t finish it’s job ,there is no log file. I even deactivate my antivirus.after i deregister appstudio,and then reinstall appstudio.i i key in the license key.it says my voltbuilder is free license.i clicked the blue credential button in appstudio.it says copied.but i couldn’t paste it to the credential text box in appstudio.i guess as usual,in the pass,i have to ask you to sent the credential’s key to my gmail.my voltbuilder expired at …dec this year.

I just checked the logs. The last job I see for you was about 9 hours ago. It looks like it processed normally.

Can you post a screenshot of your AppStudio Preferences, VoltBuilder tab?

I am afraid i can only do so tomorrow night,hope it is not too late…

I log in the voltbuilder and paste the credential to appstudio.try download one apk,all looks well now.sorry for the trouble.may be i was a bit nervous as the download .aab process was very slow.thanks everyone,tst