VoltBuilder Payment Plan

UserError: Project is larger then allowed for Plan Free. See https://volt.build/plan/ to get a 30 day trial which does…etc

How does this work for me? I’m a hobbyist with 3 apps to my name in which one of them is pretty big. So have I got to pay another monthly subscription just because I may need to alter and change it to meet new requirements as and when required by google play? My apps cost no more than £3.00 in store and I’ve sold around 130 apps in 5 years. Surely this Payment plan should be worked out using a better method than being used now. The way it’s worked now just makes it pointless for people like myself.

VoltBuilder is a build service operated separately from AppStudio.

As a result, VoltBuilder is an additional cost. It has real variable costs, beyond just development. There is bandwidth, hosting, backup, support, 24/7 monitoring, and keeping all the software components up to date and working with each other.

If you used to use PhoneGap, you will recall it had a generous free plan. We we could not match that completely.

VoltBuilder is used by much more than just AppStudio users. It’s widely used by other developers and development tools. We offer discounts to AppStudio users which are not available to them.

So vault has nothing to do with NSB? I preferred the vault I was getting a few weeks ago. All of a sudden I have to pay another subscription for very little use. How is this good for me?

By “vault”, I assume you mean VoltBuilder. :slight_smile:

We made it free for AppStudio users for several months, starting in May when it was released. It couldn’t last forever - the bills are coming in.

The alternative is that you can download the Cordova tools (and their dependancies) and do the builds yourself for free. There’s a Make Native App with Cordova on the Run menu.

Here’s an article which discusses why you might want to use a build service.

Making it too expensive for me to pay. I have bills to pay every month as well. Like I said I don’t do this as a full time job. For my time spent and what I produce. This is no longer feasible for me.

You can always download the cordova and build your own “phonegap”/“voltbuilder” system without paying someone to host it, maintain it, and make sure it’s current, relevant, and commercially viable.

George, the price plan says it’s free for up to 10 megs (4 uploads per day) my biggest project folder contains 4.28 megs and yet it says my project is still too large? Am I missing something? I don’t use anything apart from the core plug-ins. Is the size of the app calculated after volt builder has built the icons and splash screens and if so are both IOS and Android icons and splash screens included in the final build? After I sent the app to be built I noticed it didn’t come back with a volt builder folder in my project folder?

Your project is 60 megs uploaded. That’s due to the icons and splash screens. The iOS splash screens are almost 43 megs.

So I would have to subscribe to volt builder Pro to build my 3 apps :thinking: 37per month for not a lot of usage. Thats more than I pay for App studio.

Yes, that is definitely not working for you. We’ll see what we can do.

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In fact, i also think USD9.99 per month also cost me a lot. i am at Malaysia. Currency rate is about 4.12. It would better to have something for appstudio developer


We’re trying to at least break even on the service - it was a lot of work to develop and requires constant updates with 24/7 monitoring.

There are alternatives, all more expensive and more difficult to use.

@William_Robinson: we just uploaded AppStudio 8.4.1. By only including the images for the platform being built, uploads are now significantly smaller. Try your app again.

Hi George, thanks for doing that. Volt builder is still saying that my project is too large to build. I see that you are saying that the iOS icons and splash screens are adding up to around 43 megs by themselves. I only build for Android at present, is there a way of getting volt to build splash screens for the required platform only?

Your project is now 16.7 megs, so you’re much closer.

I looked at your splash screen. It’s a pretty complex image, so it results in bigger PNG files than most. Can you try a simpler image to see if that fixes the issue?

We’ve already done this George, it took me days to crunch that image to get it to upload when the builder was free without spoiling the theme. Can’t we do away with Ios images when we don’t need them?

Yes, that’s what we did in 8.4.1. Getting rid of the iOS images reduced your project from 60 megs to 16.7 megs.

Ok George, I really appreciate what you’ve done.
Thanks :+1:

A further note: I made a minimal project with a simple splash screen. The complete set of images came to just over 2 megs. Since the splash screen only displays for a second or two, there’s no point in making it complex.

Ok George.