VoltBuilder QR Code is Downloading the Wrong App

After building an app with Voltbuilder (Android Debug) and then scanning the QR code it is downloading the wrong app.

Checking the log it seems to be building the correct app but the QR code download link downloads a different app.

In my case, QR code does not even actually download. Only says so and tells me that there is a link in clipboard. I have to go to clipboard and paste the link to the browser address line. Now the same message that there is a download appears again but now really does the download.
Maybe this is only Window 10 and my Galaxy S10 with Anrdoid 10…
Today I tried this procedure again. At first with a timeout at upload. Then a success message. The downloaded apk was from Aug 18 (I had not noticed this at once), very obsolete version and not the build I expected with current version Aug 25. I admit that it was a bad mistake on my side not to have noticed that only the last successful build (Aug 18) was offered and that there was a timeout during upload on Aug 25.

It seems to be working ok now.