VoltBuilder: select .apk but downloads .aab

Hi, In NSB/AppStudio I have selected Android package Type “apk” but Voltbuilder keeps returning a .abb file, I need apk for my update.

Are you building for the Google Play Store? If so, you need aab. If not, do you have Google Play Track set to production? You will need to change that.

Yes it is to update an existing apk app to publish in Goolge Play.

As far as I know, the Play Store now wants aab files.

However, if you turn off the production track, it will make an apk file which you can upload to the store yourself.

Thank you, that worked. I have now updated my app.

For existing apps you have to “opt in” to use .abb. It is only NEW apps which MUST use .abb files.