VoltBuilder Splash Settings

In NSB, I assigned a “splash.png” file in the Project Properties -> VoltBuilder and Cordova -> splash, then RUN -> Make Native App with VoltBuilder. Error message come out “error: Missing valid source image for Android splash screens”, it will fail on this build. If I take out the splash settings, it can build the APK file.

I am doing the similar steps for the icon, it work fine.

During the app startup, the default splash screen come out. How can I change the default splash screen?

Is your splash screen a 2732x2732 png image?

I will try again later.

Just enlarged the splash.png file to 2732x2732, but the error still appear.

Maybe recreate the splash screen. That error message indicates there is something wrong with your file.

It work now, but I found the size of PNG must be equal or bigger than 2732 X 2732.