Voltserver upload, voltserver customer payment

(1)how do I start a voltserver upload? Via start browser, via voltbuilder?
(2)how is the voltserver system user go about get paid by customer? I have several app. is it complicated? Please point me the right direction. This forum doesn’t talk about much about this… Thanks in advance, tst

(1)i promised no matter how hard it is, I am willing to learn voltserver
(2)i promised if I mastered the art of voltserver, I will write a simplified step by step instruction, may be a link, just to make sure more people will willing to joint voltserver ‘club’, and may be more people will buy device for testing purpose… Best rdgs, tst

I almost forget something, we learn and progress as a team!

  1. To upload your app to VoltServer, use the option Deploy to VoltServer on the Run menu.

  2. Are you asking if VoltServer can bill your customers? No, it was not designed to do that. You can use VoltServer to manage a list of customers, but billing is something you need to handle separately.

I think the existing documentation is pretty good.

One item to note: all the $volt calls can be promise-based (as an alternative to callbacks), but that is not mentioned in the docs.

Hi, Thanks for adding the link here. May I know what you meant by “promise based”? Thanks in advance, tst

It’s a more concise way of handling callbacks in JavaScript. There’s lots of documentation and examples on the web: here is a good place to start.

A comprehensive good read. Thanks for that!