Web app splashscreen


Do splashscreens still work with web apps?
I followed the documents and i always get a white screen.


It’s a bit of mess these days. For example, here’s the latest on iOS:

In the Android world, we’re dealing with the future (Progressive Web Apps), which are not consistently available on all versions of operating systems.


It looks messy. Is there any other way to hide or do something about the white screen problem?
Starting the app with 10 seconds of white screen is not the best look.

The first thing that gets drawn when you start the app is the app background, which is behind all the forms.

If you go into Project Properties, there is a backgroundColor you can set. If you make that the same color as the background of your first form, startup will seem faster.

You might also try putting an image in the backgroundImage property.

Thanks. This approach is looking promising.
What size should the image be?
How do i center the image using the style property?

Thank you

Sorry to ask again.
If possible, some direction with my last post will be greatly appreciated as a customer is looking for a solution for this now.


Best bet is to experiment. It’s a feature of HTML and JavaScript which AppStudio lets you get at, but we haven’t done any work with this.


For centering the image, is there a way to do this using the style property?