What are limits to voltserver for app hosting in terms of space

Looking to build a PWA App to host a series of prebuilt HTML based courses some of which will be rather large with video. The PWA App will download all lessons to make available for off-line access. This is a client with users heading out on a ship so no WWW access. I found the extra files property for the app properties screen, and am just pointing to a Lessons folder which has all the lessons in subfolders. It uploads all files as advertised and the lessons work perfectly! I am launching each lesson through a control pointing to each lessons relative path and the inner-html property. So far so good but I need answers to some questions.

At the moment it is about 20 lessons and the storage space is in the 500-800MB range. What, if any, are the size limits to an app hosted on VoltServer?

From time to time, an update to a course or new courses might need to be added and there is a need to download new versions of the course. I really do not want to deal with app stores. What is a strategy to trigger a PWA app where it will download all files in given end point to the PWA cache into a relative path of my choosing. It would work along the same lines as when the the app initially loads with the extra files property to get those files. If I had to define each file individually, that’s fine too. Any guidance is deeply appreciated!

We have no hard limits on app sizes right now, but if you plan to regularly be storing more than 1GB, then we should discuss a different plan for you so you aren’t rate limited. Please reach out to support@appstudio.dev for more information.