What are the Advantages of an AppStudio app over Responsive Web Site

I’m a happy user of NSB/AppStudio.:smile:

My boss just asked me what are advantages of “this Web App Technology” over a responsive Web Site served from our site. – a good question for which I don’t seem to have a cogent answer.

  • A checklist item on an RFP :slight_smile:
  • Barcode scanning capability perhaps
  • ???

Hopefully it is my limited imagination… but can anyone help me grow the list.


They’re the same thing. AppStudio produces a web page which is served from your site.

What makes something a Responsive Web site id creating so it adapts to the screen size gracefully. This started with smartphones, then tablets and then desktop. There are a bunch of articles in the AppStudio Wiki and Blog about making your app responsive.

Agreed… they both use the same technology.

I think my boss was more interested in information regarding

What additional advantages are offered by AppStudio delivered Apps over a user just browsing a responsive site in say Mobile Safari?.

I’m not sure the question makes sense. AppStudio is a tool which makes web pages (in this case). Mobile Safari is a tool which reads web pages and displays them.

I surely appreciate your patient…

Last attempt… promise :slight_smile:

What fancy features can I add to my AppStudio App that I can’t do with just a plain old responsive website being reviewed through Mobile Safari?

Unfortunately, I think the answer is “none”. The problem is that you are comparing Apples to Oranges. AppStudio is simply an interface for creating web pages, whether they are responsive or not, and regardless of which browser you view them in. At the end of the day, you could technically write your webpage in Notepad and get the same result, but it would be a whole lot less user friendly.

@Eric_Pankoke’s got it. You could create the same site without AppStudio, but it would be a lot more work.

I’m not sure if this will help but I have written web pages for a web site that were responsive because I simply loaded different .html files depending on the size of the devices screen. I do not recommend this procedure for making a responsive web site.

But this method is not a “Web App” that uses a manifest to allow the “Web Page” to run when no Internet is available. For example, news.google.com is a responsive web site. Try it, run it in your PC browser and resize the browser. It’s responsive. But disconnect from the internet and its a no show. This feature is extremely important to my applications written in App Studio.

Also if your Boss has to pay for a good HTML/CSS and/or Javascript programmer vs someone who can quickly knock out a web pages in AS in Basic, AS could be a good choice. Javascript, HTML5, and CSS are all quite powerful but you’d be surprised what you can turn out with AS in just Basic. Plus AS is keeping up with third party controls that enhance web site/web app design significantly.

Thanks, John