What are you using for back end service development?

There is some dialog in a thread asking if anyone had experience with AppStudio to a Django-based back end.

I wasn’t sure if we should start a separate thread for this or continue in that thread. I certainly don’t want to interfere with the original Django question. George and co - please advise.

But, I think it would be very useful to dedicate a thread to: what are you using - and recommending - these days for back end service development?

I mentioned in another thread that I am contemplating Python and also contemplating node. And of course, there are many frameworks on top of node for this.

Many of us need to develop secure, high performing REST service endpoints to call from our apps.
My history is with .NET services, but I am looking to catch up to the rest of the world on this latest project. :slight_smile:

Let’s face it - some of us really want to focus on the App itself, not the back end service layer. So - the easier/faster, the better, right? :slight_smile:

Let’s discuss what you are doing, pros and cons, performance, security considerations, and maybe even share some code clips to nicely bind service responses to controls inside an AppStudio app.

We used to use .NET C# Azure functions. We are planning on moving to Javascript (node.js) Azure Functions Azure Functions. This way we don’t have to worry about Servers and Infraestructure.

Thanks. Didn’t even know Azure would serve node. We are starting to move to some 365 this year, and I will keep that in mind. Thank you.

Using anything else on top of node, or just node?

Sorry for my late reply!!
I went on a training and then on a vacation.
This is what I am using at work to create fast web apps with NSB Studio.
Backend: Node.js (Koa.js framework) then we upload to Azure Web Apps ( We use Koa and Node to create APIs for front end clients to call (database, security, etc).

Front End: NSB Studio (Javascript). When it is ready to deploy , we export it to folder and upload to Azure CDN (Which is pretty fast and cheap!!) Azure CDN Static Websites

So far it has worked great for us!!

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Sorry I didn’t see this until now. Thank you very much for taking the time to reply. I haven’t looked at Koa yet. Will go take a look.

We use LAMP.

I’ve played with python but I haven’t found a compelling reason to move over. I’ve also done tons of asp and .net development in my past but microsoft wore me down so I really don’t even consider that an option.

I’ve also done a fair amount of java development using tomcat but, again, php is just so much easier (for me).