What is "Internet Explorer..." message and how to eliminate it?

While updating an app, such as adding a control, I randomly get a message that states, "Internet Explorer reload timeout. Please try again."
After multiple presses of “OK” and/or “X” button, the message goes away… but then another change sometimes causes it to reappear.
I do not have Internet Explorer on my computer, but do have “Edge”, but it is not the default, Chrome is.
I could find no reference to Internet Explorer in the Properties of the app.
How do I eliminate this message from appearing… it’s not a ‘show-stopper’, but is a PITA.
Thanks… Tom

The Design Screen works by showing your form in a browser which is embedded in AppStudio. On Windows, we use the IE11 browser.

If you get an error in the Design Screen, it’s because bad HTML is on your form. To see the error more clearly and use a debugger, run your app. The same error should appear at runtime - you can use the Chrome Debugger to find out more.