What is the size limit to send a photo w/Ajax POST and don't hit a 413 error?

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The linked question has been solved at least running in Pc environment with IE11, Firefox and Chrome. However, calling the same Web App from Android, shows a 413 error and the function is never called. How can I get rid of this issue? It seems to be a matter of how NSBASIC app is built, since it runs in W8.1

Hi all. The answer was simple enough. I tried to send an image thinking it had a small size. Instead, it’s about 1.8MB (it should be sent even if it’s not very small, or it’s not supposed to be sent?) and it caused 413 error. Can you pls tell me what’s the size limit? For this app, it’s supposed to send only small images (about 32KB) and so 413 error shouldn’t be hit, but what if I need to send larger images?

The limit is set by the server, not the app.

Hello, in my Server IIS I setup the limit with this parameter: