What to include when sending file

I sent a NSX file to be used to see if it could be made into a native app with voltbuilder. I was then asked to send the whole folder rather than only the nsx. What was being asked? All of my projects only have that one file and is all I use for everything else. Is it the information in the IDE that is wanted?

I also learned that .nsx will not work with voltbuilder…only .project files. At least this is what I was experiencing while struggling through the voltbuilder process. I am in the process now of changing them.

An NSX file sounds like you are on AppStudio Version 6. Voltbuilder only works with What version of AppStudio are you using?

That post was while I was still on vs 6 but I am now on Incidentally, after I first upgraded to 8.2, the nsx files I have did work on the new version. Thank you for taking the time to reply.