What to replace jqWidgets Textarea control with?

I have an app that has a form that gets a picture - it uses a jqWidget control which is now deprecated. I think it is keeping another form with a Bootstrap 5 textarea from working. This form works fine when not in a project with the picture form.

I have tried to replace the jqWidget control with other controls like a Bootstrap 5 button (inputType file) but they didn’t work.

A project with only this form is attached - any ideas of what to replace it with?
Note: Retrieve button doesn’t work.

PhotoProblemTextarea.appstudio.zip (150.4 KB)

Do you mean txtGetPicture on your frmPicture? It’s actually a jQuery Mobile TextBox, with inputType set to File.

Try using a Bootstrap 5 Input control. It also has an InputType property.

I tried a Bootstrap 5 Input control - no joy. I added a button with the Input control - it hangs up with message below when I click the Input control to choose a file:

Uncaught RangeError: Maximum call stack size exceeded.
line 8 column 18

I attached the project with the original jQuery Mobile textarea control and with the Input and Button control pair.

Other thoughts?

2024 Input Control PictureSaveToDBDemo.appstudio.zip (26.5 KB)

It looks like you still have the jQuery Mobile control in your project. It’s poison for everything else, since it modifies other controls’ css.

Let’s see what happens when you get rid of it.

I removed the evil jQuery Mobile textarea control and replaced it with an Input control (file type set) and a button. I click the Input, browse to the picture, pick it and click OK. Picture name shows in Input control. Then I click the button, and get the error shown below (same error). Ideas?

I attached the project also.
PhotoProblemTextarea.appstudio.zip (149.4 KB)