Where can I find the methods for signaturePad element?

I need to save the jpeg image to a remote server. I know you guys don’t want to use FTP (which is WAY easier for these legacy Unix boxes) but I can’t seem to even find the methods available to me.

When I do Signature1_signaturePad. the list that pops up does not have toDataURL so that is not helpful as I know that is valid based on the sample.

Any idea what method to use to save this off and send it to the server?

I figure the answer on sending it to the server is going to be AJAX but right now I’m just looking for a way to find methods attached to the various objects.

I miss hardbound actual books.

The Signature control is a bit odd, since its methods are referred to by Signature1_signaturePad, not simply Signature1. This makes it impossible to have the “intellisense” pop up the methods.

Check the Wiki and the sample - they show how to use toDataURL.