Where PhoneGap Looks For Version


Hey all, after having a successful App build using NSBASIC and PhoneGap, we are deploying the apps via a product called Mobile Iron which works really well. Mobile Iron sees the global info on the apps for versioning purposes. Apparently, PhoneGap looks in different locations for the Version info. In Project Properties and Global Code, we have a “Version” property that PhoneGap sees for Apple (as I have it set to 1.1.0) now, but apparently for Android PhoneGap is using a different location (config.xml) “versionCode”. Can anyone tell me where the Android name below is coming from and how I can change it? “com.nsbasic.GetJSON”

Apple version 1.1.0
Apple name com.ourcompany.pem

Android version 1.0.0
Android name com.nsbasic.GetJSON


Have you look at the PhoneGap configxml property in Project Properties?


I did for version number for Android yes, but the name of the app is showing as “com.nsbasic.GetJSON”. This is what I need to change. For Apple, the name is showing as “com.ourcompany.pem” and that works, I just need to make both of them the same to avoid confusion.


You might need to go to PhoneGap for the answer to this one, if changing line 5 in configxml does not do it.


Thank you. I agree. My next step is to just dig into the .ipa file and see if I can find it after a PhoneGap Build.