Which SQLite plugin?


Can anyone recommend a good SQLite plugin for Android and iOS?
I was using cordova-sqlite-evcore-extbuild-free but i get the ‘SQLite not supported’ message on iPhones now.

cordova-sqlite-storage seems to be rather popular.

Thank you

cordova-sqlite-storage is good but I believe Sqlite is no longer supported on iOS.

Here’s an article which explains more. The short version is that iOS still supports SQLite, but you need to turn it on.


I gave cordova-sqlite-storage a try and it does work without needing to turn SQL on in the phone settings. Changing that setting might be an issue for some of my users.

If you’re running as a VoltBuilder app, using a plugin is the right way to go.

I use cordova-sqlite-evcore-extbuild-free in my projects. It’s worked well for me.

I’m running as a VoltBuilder app.
I was using cordova-sqlite-evcore-extbuild-free until just very recently when i tested on an iPhone and it no longer worked - a message showed saying SQLite not supported.

I’m not having troubles using it in a VoltBuilder app. When you get a chance, give it another try.

I’ve never had trouble with this plugin until now

plugin name=“cordova-sqlite-evcore-extbuild-free” source=“npm”

It works fine on Android, but iOS says “SQLite not supported” when the app starts.
I’ve tried cordova-sqlite-storage since and it’s working.

Looks like cordova-sqlite-storage is a good pick - it’s about 100x as popular on npmjs.