Why are Threads Locked?


What if a user wants to continue the discussion?



Discussions are normally closed after 10 days of inactivity. Is that what you are referring to?

How about starting a new discussion, with a link to the previous one?

I think we can also just get rid of that limit.


Unless there is a monetary reason, why shut down the free exchange of relevant information? Why should we start a thread on an existing topic with convoluted embedded links? Makes no sense unless the objective is that management wants to limit their time responding to posts or push casual users / hobbyists into a higher trier product. Anytime a user sees dozens of locked threads it opens many questions as to why. Virus? Porn? Bad Language? Why would anyone try the product with those clouds over it?


There’s no conspiracy here. It’s just the default setting by the designers of the board. (Discourse). That being said, I’m having trouble finding a setting to change this. I need to contact their support and see what can be done.


The limit has been removed. Thanks for bring this up!