Word wrap and line breaks on labels?

I am passing the status on an operation to a label. I would like to have it on 2 lines. I am doing it like the code below. The line break (vbCRLF) seems to get ignored regardless what I try. Is there a trick to it? I don’t see a label property that would allow me to enable line wrapping. I would like to use a label as i will be changing the font color and font size depending on the message, or is another control the answer? I am using the Bootstrap 3 label.

WaitTimeReading = “Error:” & vbCRLF & “Server not reacheable.”
lblWaitTime.value = WaitTimeReading

Found a solution, posting in case it could help anybody else. On the style of the label I put the lines below. First line is because I need my text right justified.

text-align: right;

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