Writing to a memory card


I am evaluating NSB AppStudio for a specific project.
Is it possible to write plain text data to a removable memory card?
The reason for this is as a back up so that if a device dies before data is transferred to a server we can remove the card and manually copy the data.
This device will be used in remote areas where there is no GSM or Wifi access for sending the data to the server or internet for backup.


First, keep in mind the vast majority of mobile devices (including all iPhones) do not have removable memory cards.

Yes, it is possible to write to the memory card. You’ll need to use a PhoneGap plugin for this. It’s not difficult.


Thanks for the reply. Is there example code to show me how this is done?


See the PhoneGapFileSystem sample.


I am struggling to find any documentation to help me get this working.
I have tried the PhoneGapFile System sample. It writes to a memory location I can’t seem to get to using a utility like Astro File Manager.
I can’t work out how to get it to write to a removable SD card.
I need to be able to read/write/change the file.
Is there any documentation on how to do this please?
Also, a sample program to show me how this is done would be useful.


PhoneGap is not an NS BASIC product, so the amount of free support we provide for it is restricted to our samples.


If you would like us to develop a sample for you, please contact me directly.