Xcode/Phonegap latest versions

Is there anyone using Xcode 9 (iOS SDK 11) with Phonegap/Cordova to submit apps to the Apple store? Have you been able to deal with the “notch” requirement for iPhone X?

I have been using Xcode 6 with phonegap to submit my app for last several years. I’ve avoided upgrading Xcode because it always seemed to break things. But now I will not be able to use this old version after July 1 with the Apple store rules.

I’ve considered moving to Phonegap Build for iOS (I use it for the Android version), but I’ve never had luck doing that in the past. And I’ve found Phonegap Build to be slow in updating to new versions of Phonegap.

Any thoughts/comments are appreciated. Thanks

I’d have another look at PhoneGap Build first. If you can work with that, you’ll save yourself a lot of pain. I use it for all my projects.

Ok, I will give it another try. How do you deal with testing? I find the Xcode simulator very useful.

You’re right - testing on iOS is a pain. You need to make a signed version, then drag it into iTunes to install it on a connected device.

I did find this. I haven’t tried it, but it looks interesting. Check out “UPDATE: For Xcode 8.0+ you need to follow below Steps:”