App not auto-updating

I realize I am probably doing something wrong since I skipped a few versions of AppStudio but… my apps don’t auto-update anymore. I keep having to erase and re-save at the device. Is there a new process or additional step that needs to be done? I currently already have the web server with the mime set up. When I place a new version of the files on the web server folder, at the device side it does not auto-update like the old version used to. I am on the latest version of AppStudio, before I think I was on 4.x or 5.x

What’s the exact version you are using now?


Good. You’re using the latest PWA stuff. Here’s more on that:

What platform and browser are you on?

Thanks for the replies. I am on Windows 10, and the devices are on iOS 12.
I read your link. So if the PWA file has a new version then the app will be updated. It says the file is generated by App Studio. It is still not clear to me what I need to do to force a new generation of that file every time I have a new version to deploy. I just been doing a ‘deploy’ after each update. I do keep a version number in my code as a variable and I display on my forms as a label. That is how I can quickly confirm if an update has reached the device.

Looks like the mime configuration docs need to be updated, at least for IIS. I had to add the extension ‘.json’ to the mime types. Don’t know if that will help my issue though.

Every time you build the project, AppStudio changes PWA.js. It has a time stamp in it - that should force the change.

Let us know if the mime configuration change makes any difference.

This issue was discussed in the link below:

Any more info on this? My android phone has just started not updating. If I uninstall and run in chrome the new version is run. I save the web app to “desktop” and it reverts to an earlier version, in spite of clearing all the cache in chrome. Not just one app. Currently all my apps aren’t updating.

Just tried the PWA sample. I did the following:

  1. Deployed it
  2. Loaded it in Chrome on an Android device
  3. When asked, I save it to the Home Screen.
  4. Ran it from the Home Screen, noting the ApplicationStamp date and time.
  5. Deployed it again
  6. On the Android device, terminated the app.
  7. Restarted the app from the Home screen.
  8. Updated version now appeared.

Try the PWA app to see if works differently than yours.