Google Play Store: Package not found

I’m doing a Play Store build from App Studio and it fails with the error shown below. Project3 is not the name of my Project.

I used Voltsigner…
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[Google Play Store] Getting credentials from certificates/pc-api-5542607464438288531-681-527ef5ad1b63.json
[Google Play Store] Authenticating
[Google Play Store] Requesting access to upload a new release
Error requesting access to upload a new release to the Google Play Store:
Package not found: com.nsbasic.Project3.
Build ff616032-e125-45cd-ac61-f7268edce7d0 failed

This means your application is not set up properly on the Google Play Store.

You’ll need to work through Google’s documentation on this one - we don’t have any magic here. Post the solution when you get it - it may help others in the future.

My advice is manually drag and drop your .aab to play store .check your package name in config.remember to increment your version rdgs, TsTan

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